"The [new] album feels expansive, raw and massively important." - PopDust
“Booming hip-hop/soul … robust beats, sweeping hooks and vocals with a tinge of raw anguish” - Wall Street Journal
“John Mayer meets The Rolling Stones with more soul; yes it’s possible.” - AltSounds


“You’re on Your Own” is a booming hip-hop/soul track with a robust beat, sweeping hook and vocals with a tinge of raw anguish.”
The Wall Street Journal – Speakeasy Blog


“The album feels expansive, raw and massively important." - PopDust

After 400 remixes of Dreams in Static’s last single, You're On Your Own, and close to one million Spotify plays, a music video premiere on the Wall Street Journal blog Speakeasy, that referenced the song as “a booming hip/hop soul track with a robust beat, sweeping hook and vocals with a tinge of raw anguish,” Dreams in Static releases its debut album “Part of the Machine”! Check it here
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Dreams in Static conjures up the aesthetic of James Bond, Prefuse 73, & Pulp Fiction. Each song is the soundtrack to a film in a genre of its own. This is music that exists beyond pop and yet overflows with it.
Serene Poetic strikes a balance between Diwon, a Los Angeles-based hip-hop producer, and Dugans, a multifaceted guitarist-composer from Texas. Using live drums, samplers, analog synths, electric pianos and guitars, Dreams in Static transcends genres and breathes new life and depth with each subsequent listen. The album teems with life, beauty and depth; it’s an instrumental masterpiece that resurrects live instrumental music and guitar-based symphonies. It pops in a world where popular music has been left in a state of static.
If hip-hop is dead to the underground and rock is dead to the mainstream, “Serene Poetic” resurrects the two and blends their elements into a single sonic sonnet.
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“Dreams in Static is a project dripping with so much soul, they’ve already been compared to artists like The Rolling Stones, John Mayer, and Curtis Mayfield.”
The Indie SD
“It’s like John Mayer meets The RollingStones with more soul; yes it’s possible. Bringing in sexy guitar tones and soul singing that have left the world of quality music, these three partners in crime resurrect the passionate and dynamic sound to popular music. Nice one dudes…I mean sirs.”


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