Follow Me and Get DOwn

This Tuesday, the full album, ‘PART OF THE MACHINE’ will be released!

In the words of Akie Bermiss from a few weeks ago when we released our ‘Follow Me & Get Down’ single…

“well now. it’s a dark and foggy day in NYC, but this is bright and clarion-clear news: the first single off the Dreams in Static album dropped last week (while yours truly was sweating out a virulent fever).

always this project has been one of remote collaboration. with Diwon doing production from Cali and guitar-wizard Dugans culturing counterpoint in Connecticut and me – lil’ ol’ me – daydreaming up lyrics usually driving in my car somewhere along I-87 in the dark of night.

but for this, too, we collaborated with the great Ashley Rachelle who, hearing the track, engaged me in a fairly *nerdtastic* conversation about the esoterica of the lyrical content and then managed to extrapolate lyrical and musical material of her own (and enlist in the Triedstone gospel choir to shade some mysterious and marvelous colors into the fold).

the resulting Frankenstein’s Monster is a thing of mordant beauty and it is but the the first harbinger of things to come from the DiS universe.

long ago, this collaboration started, and long has been the road to this release. and you need only hit the link below to get a taste of what we got going on.

if only to whet your appetite, dear reader, for that which soon-come hereafter.

ps. there is also a mini-doc [?!] of the whole collaboration with Ashley and Triedstone in the links below. it’s all quite lovely. do enjoy!”

Stream/DL/WATCH: Dreams in Static – “Follow Me & Get Down” (ft. Ashley Rachelle)

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* The full album titled “Part of the Machine” releases on June 27, 2017.