Dreams in Static Video Premiere on Wall Street Journal!

DREAMSWSJWith the headline, “Dreams In Static Transcend Heartache In ‘You’re On Your Own’ (Video Premiere)” our latest single hits the Wall Street Journal.

Here is what they wrote: Heartache is a common enough theme in music that the hip-hop project Dreams in Static was keen to find a fresh angle for the video for their new single, “You’re on Your Own.” Speakeasy today premieres the resulting clip.

First, though, some background. Dreams in Static is a collaboration between the Los Angeles producer Erez “Diwon” Safar and the guitarist and composer Levi Martinez, known as Dugans, who create a sound they say conjures “the aesthetics of ‘Pulp Fiction’ and Curtis Mayfield.” Diwon and Dugans’ forthcoming album, “Part of the Machine,” features the vocalist Akie Bermiss throughout. (There’s no release date for the LP, though a rep for the duo said it will be out in 2014.)

“You’re on Your Own” is a booming hip-hop/soul track with a robust beat, sweeping hook and vocals with a tinge of raw anguish that make for a wonderfully incongruous video featuring a bespectacled, floppy-haired little boy grappling with his first broken heart.

“He makes a video to express himself, the song is the soundtrack and the video is for his crush Lucy,” Diwon told Speakeasy. “As he shows her that she broke his heart, he starts to get into the song and as it progresses he realizes he is going to be ok, and both the song and video close with a girl jumping into his video and dancing off with him.”

Diwon produced the video for his Bancs Media production company, and Jonty Fine directed the clip. What do you think of the video? Leave your thoughts in the comments.